A network.

Founded in 2017, ShoePlex exponentially increases the amount of pairs you get each release and continuously keeps you ahead of the curve.


What we offer

  • Ultra Fast Restock Monitors

    We offer the fastest restock monitors on the market. Sites like Supreme, Adidas US & UK, AvenueStore, SivasDescalzo Shopify Webstores (Kith, ShopNiceKicks, Xhibition, etc), Footpatrol, Size & JD Sports are monitored 24/7. We also provide live-time scrapers for sites such as Mr.Porter, Barneys, Adidas, SlamJamSocialism, Footpatrol, Size, and JD co.

  • Discounted Carts and AutoCheckout

    We offer the highest rated auto-checkout service, that you can purchase at a discounted rate as a ShoePlex member. Members typically get 30-50% off the normal price on releases. 

  • Early Product Leaks

    All ShoePlex members are plugged with early leaks of upcoming products. ShoePlex members are also given early links, site-lists, variants, and all resources needed to secure the latest releases. 

  • Discounted Proxies, Servers, AWS Codes

    ShoePlex has partnered with an elite proxy provider, giving you access to unlimited proxies, locations, subnets, endpoints, all at a discounted rate. We have also partnered with @AWSPlug to supply members with discounted Amazon AWS Codes which will save you tons down the line on server fees. ShoePlex also provides discounted Nike+ accounts for SNKRS.


What Is ShoePlex?

ShoePlex is a network for resellers of all backgrounds to come into an environment where they can have access to crucial information such as sitelists, variants, early links and times every drop, so they can get more pairs and significantly increase their profits. 

What Else Does ShoePlex Offer?

ShoePlex also offers a variety of restock monitors, shopify monitors, scrapers for various sites, adidas leaks, cheap aws codes, proxies, and server and bot advice courtesy of @BotBroker & @AWSPlug.

Why ShoePlex?

ShoePlex focuses on eliminating all the problems of sneaker twitter's so called "cook groups". ShoePlex wants to provide the best experience for its users, and save them a lot of money, while at the same time exponentially increasing the amount of pairs users get every release. 

Interested in purchasing a ShoePlex subscription?

Please visit the product page.