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When joining ShoePlex, you will be notified of the latest Nike drops. Our members have the most success with our Nike Information. Get notified of early links, early variants, early stock numbers for certain stores such as Kith & more.

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Get notified of the latest restocks by the fastest restock monitors on the market. Monitors includ Shopify, Nike, Adidas, Supreme, Magento, PrestaShop, and hundreds of other sites being monitored 24/7.

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Receive early links for sites such as Kith, Supreme, & more. Receive queue bypasses and guides for every site dropping. Receive 24/7 bot advice during drops, receive bot guides for every bot on the market, and never struggle setting up your next bot. Get proxies, bot rentals, servers, sitelists, resell advice, meet a network of hundreds of people working with you to make the most money off of the reselling market. Recieve bulk backdoors for the latest releases, get the best Funko resell advice and the best Funko monitors on the market. Get Footlocker, Champs, and Footaction checkout codes without having to leave your home. Receive free legit-checks, universal bot imports, proxies, & more.

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Free Carts and Auto Checkout

Enjoy free carts and autocheckout on the latest  YEEZY, Off-White, and Nike Releases.

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Try our in-house proxy and server providers.

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Get your questions answered by experienced mods and admins any time of the day. 

ShoePlex's Highlights

ShoePlex Subscription (1 Month Recurring)
  • 100% Accurate Kith Links

    We're the only group on the market to have the most precise Kith early links before anyone else. From Off Whites to Yeezys.

  • The Best Early Shock Drop Info

    We'll notify you about Shock Drops before they even happen. Something we’ve been doing for a very long time and known for doing. 

  • The Fastest Monitors

    We cover over 350+ sites with the fastest Shopify monitor on the market, and some of the best EU site monitors covering hundreds of lowkey sites. 

  • The Very Best Support

    We pride ourselves for having the best support when it comes to helping our members. We'll go as far as team-viewing and setting up people's bots if need. We put out weekly Supreme guides, and always encourage our members to ask us questions about anything setup related. You won’t find this anywhere else.