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We will e-mail you an Invitation to the ShoePlex Slack using the e-mail you purchased with. 

1 Month Membership for ShoePlex will give you access to:

- Sitelists, Site Specific In-Depth Guides, Link and Variant lists for every major release. We have every site dropping covered with the info you need to cop.

- 100% Accurate Kith links and Stock Numbers with Breakdown.

- Undefeated Links.

- Our RandomSKUACO which provides 24/7 autocheckout for our users.

- 100% Accurate SNKRS Warnings For Shock Drops / Scratch Drops And SNKRS Passes.

- Links and Variants for major Shopify sites such as deadstock.ca, fearofgod.com, wishatl.com, etc.

- We have monitors on request, if you need a site monitored, our developer will swiftly make a monitor for almost any site for you to use. 

- The best and free Autocheckout slots for ALL releases. Yeezy Supply, Kith, Footsite, Mesh, the list goes on and on. We provide the highest quality slots for our members when you're not able to run yourself on release day. It's the perfect hands free experience for you.

- The best Supreme Autocheckout. Offered free for all ShoePlex members. 

- Free SNKRS Autocheckout for all LEO releases and FCFS releases.

- Free SNKRS Account entries for Draw releases.

- Links for Non Shopify Sites such as Mr Porter, Net a Porter, Footpatrol, etc. 

- 1 on 1 support with our mods and admins, we'll even go as far as teamviewing you to take a look at your setup and perfect it. Absolutely perfect for beginners and people having issues setting up their bots.

- The best bot guides in the business, and the best guides to help you find the best setup possible for every user level.
- Access to a community restocks channel backed by over 1000 members posting various restocks on hundreds of stores locally and online.

- SNS Monitors, Mr Porter + Net a Porter Monitor, SSense monitors, BSTN monitors, Solebox monitors, and hundreds of other Non Shopify site monitors. 

- Hibbett Sports Restock monitor. Finishline + JD Sports restock monitor, Footsites restock monitor.

- Twitter Monitors and Instagram Monitors.

- eBay view + watch listing booster. Sell your items faster on eBay with our view and watch booster! 

- Access to over 500+ Monitors covering Shopify sites, Magento Sites, PrestaShop Sites, such as "off---white.com", etc. Made by our private in-house developer. 

- 24/7 support 365 days a year. Backed by over 45 ShoePlex moderators and admins.

- Exclusive Bot Groupbuys

- What Bot? Partnership

- Leaf Proxies Partnership

- Blank Proxies Partnership

- Tclick Proxies Partnership

- Weekly Proxy Groupbuys and AWS Code Groupbuys.

- Supreme US & UK Restock Monitors

- Shopify Restock Monitor

- Adidas Restock monitors for all regions. 

- SNKRS-Events Restock Mointor.

- Password monitors

- E-Flash NY / LDN / JP / SG Drop and Restock Monitor

- Footsite Check-in Code Scraper

- SNKRS Account Groupbuys

- Funko Restock Monitor

- Funko Reselling Advice

- Legit-Check Channel

- Heavily Discounted Proxies

- General Resell Advice

- StockX Integrations


The product you are purchasing is a recurring subscription meaning you will be charged $60 on the same day you purchased your subscription every month. 

If for whatever reason you want to cancel your subscription, you can cancel by viewing the Cancellation Policy

Leaking any of ShoePlex content will result in an immediate ban with no refund.


*This is an electronic product meaning there are no cancellations, returns, or refunds.

*Harassing others, trolling, or doing something against chat rules will also result in a ban with no refund.

*By purchasing the ShoePlex Membership, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.