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Note: This recap is based on personal experience and is not meant to be interpreted as fact. This is a personal blog brought to you by TheResellersIndex [@resellersindex].

- Bots were successfully blocked, but at the cost of 65 minutes of downtime.

- First manual success came in at about 1 PM EST.

- Everyone trying manually on time cooked, as long as carts were not bugged.

- As long as you were past queue while there was stock remaining, you cooked.

- Imperfect cart system setup caused a significant amount of cart resets for manual users. If the manual cart was cleared, you basically could not access checkout.

- Purple sold out first. Brown second, Pink third, followed by Blue. Orange was the last to sell out.

- ShoePlex members were pinged to cook manually on time. Those that followed were able to checkout over 1,200+ products, manually.


Title: DENIM TEARS The Cotton Wreath Sweatshirt Purple

Retail: $210.00

Resale: $310.00 to $375.00


Title: DENIM TEARS The Cotton Wreath Sweatshirt Blue

Retail: $210.00

Resale: $275.00 to $325.00


Image Source: [@DENIMTEARS on]

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