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Adidas 101

Adidas typically releases their shoes within a “waiting room” in which they randomly allow people access to purchase the shoes. As long as you have proxies and an adidas bot, getting past splash isn’t an issue. (Ycopp is my favorite) The issue comes in checking out.

How to minimize or stop looping on ADC

ADC uses a third party payment verification company called Cybersource. For every attempted transaction, they gather all sorts of information to determine whether the transaction is “risky” or not. Any piece of information that is deemed risky gets you points (the more points you have, the more chance you loop). Some examples of this:

-the same billing/shipping/email/IP/phone/email/account/card has been used with multiple customer identities

-the same billing/shipping/email/IP/phone/email/account/card has been used with the same device

-the customer’s IP address is not consistent with the state in the billing address

-the billing and shipping address use different cities/states/zip codes

-the customer’s phone number is not consistent with the state in the billing address

These are the big ones. Chances are if you are looping frequently or all the time, many of the above apply to you, you are getting a lot of points, and your high score is marking your transaction as possibly fraudulent, and you loop.

So here are some suggestions to minimize it if it is happening to you (or, most importantly, EVEN IF IT ISN’T – to lessen the chance of it happening to you in the future):


  1. Jig your address – plenty of jig tools available, reach out to mods if you need help with this
  2. Fresh Adidas accounts (YES – EVERY DROP, EVERY TIME) or guest checkout
  3. Fake names if possible
  4. Fake phone numbers – and make sure the area code matches the state
  5. If you can, localize your proxies to the same state as your billing address
  6. Fresh payment methods – get with the program and get a credit card that has virtual numbers – Citi, Capital One, and BOA all have this ability – and use them for only one drop and burn them and create new ones for each drop.  (example: People always ask “Does Privacy work” – the answer is YES – for people that say that it doesn’t, they are getting looped for some other reason and think it is Privacy.)

There is no way to know what your score is, nor do we know the point cutoff even if we could find the score. If you have changed something above and still loop, change something else. Jig more, try a new card, try a new address, get localized proxies.

Everyone in here has the ability to get carts on Adidas. Carting is the easy part. Checking out is what matters and that is what is hard. Hopefully the above has helped you if you are looping, and if you aren’t hopefully you have common sense enough to know that it will also happen to you eventually, and start taking some of the above suggestions before it does.

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