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Bot Buying Guide

Shoeplex Bot Guide.

There are way too many bots on the market right now. Before you buy just read these suggestions.


  • The first bot, and probably the biggest adidas bot, is Ycopp. This has been one of the longest running Adidas bots and is the best in our opinion. Overall the most reliable for every release, and an amazing dev. This has a high retail price but if you talk to anyone with the bot, they can tell you that it makes your money back. Windows only. Recently carts generated once past splash have been looping like crazy, there is an issue with hmac generated carts, but I’m sure the dev is working on solving this.
  • Another bot that has been somewhat newer, is Splashforce. While it had a rough Blank Canvas Pharrell release, so did ycopp and all the other bots. This bot is Mac and Windows supported. People have seen amazing success. They added a new GUI, and you can now auto-checkout with it. Carts are also able to be sent to a slack or discord server so you can login and checkout from whatever device you want. Carts from this recently have looped less then Ycopp.
  • After Ycopp and splashforce, we don’t have much else to recommend. Sole adi, the adidas end of cybersole, splash page destroyer, OSA, and some other upcoming Adidas bots don’t exactly make our list. If you want reliability we feel that Splashforce and Ycopp are your two best options with devs we believe in. Any bots I did not mention just stay away from until you see a lot of success, and still be careful about buying.

As Adidas is changing recently, with new splash page, and other security settings, all bots may see issues for a little bit. Don’t just go off and sell your Adidas bot after one release. Understand the investment you make may not payoff in one release. If there's any questions you have about an individual feature of a bot, setup help, or more, dm a moderator!


It would be so nice, if there was a singular, public Nike bot, that produced a lot of success. There isn’t. The bots I can talk about are all going to be half decent bots. None stand out as the greatest bot ever, but I will talk about your options and let you decide the lesser of the evils.

Going to talk about roughly 5 bots: Ghost, BNB Nike, SNKRS, Kickmoji, and DNA. To start off, BNB Nike has not been what anyone has hoped. It’s a long running Nike bot but consistently flops for most. It gets worse from there. DNA has faked success which says a lot about the developers. Stay away. Same with SNKRS, dirt cheap, low quality, high unreliability. Those 3 bots just aren’t worth the investment. Now, it’s hard to say, and recommend ghost, or kickmoji, due to the newness of them, along with the issues some of them have produced. Kickmoji has lazy devs that aren’t even working on the bot. It looks cool and pretty but you want a functional bot. People have seen some success, and I would rank it more reliable than the 3 bots I've talked about prior to this, but there's still some issues. Long term this could shape out to be a good bot. Onto Ghost. The bot we all hyped up, that when pushed out, caused a ton of problems for everyone. Flash forward to last release. It seemed like there was inconsistency produced by many. A lot of people did not do very well. Personally I got 2 pairs of Breds and ran 275 ish accounts... which you can consider paid for the bot. While my success may not capture the overall success of the bot, I still believe the team of devs and the potential of this bot is big. I am not saying this is a great Nike bot, because it isn’t. If anyone has an ideal Nike setup and would like to share with the group please let us know! If I were to rank the Nike bots I would put them at: Ghost, Kickmoji, Bnb Nike, SNKRS, DNA. We will update this if there is better news for Nike bots. Nike has been killing it lately and now is not a good time to ignore the resell in Nike.


This is a category is many good options. I’m going to review Taskbot, Cybersole, Dashe, Anb Aio, Anb Aio v2, and BNB Aio.

  • Taskbot - No doubt the most user friendly bot with a great support team and reliability. Easy to setup, easy to deal with, and a mobile app for starting tasks, stopping, and solving captchas. It is for shopify sites in the US and is only supported on Mac. We recommend this bot, worth the investment for sure.
  • Dashe- Mac and Windows, also a great AIO bot. Can kill it on some sites that taskbot can’t. It’s a little bit cheaper, and is all around well. We recommend this as well, I personally like taskbot more but both are good options.
  • Cyber- This is the last of the three main aio bots that we recommend. A great dev working on cyber, new GUI and Mac support. Overall a good aio bot. Many recommend. When it comes down to picking these three it comes down to splitting hairs. Everyone has preferences, but no one really hates any of these.
  • ANB Aio and v2 - Well, it’s good. People see success and this bot supports footsites which is a major plus. Aside from the footsite end it doesn't manage shopify as well as the three bots above. If you are between anb aio v1 and v2, it seems like v2 is more liked.
  • BNB Aio - All I can say is just stay away. Please.
  • Any bots not mentioned dm a mod for opinions. Obviously stay away from heated sneaks.


    Not going to go into much detail here, but if you are looking for a footsite bot, your options are, Soleslayer and Anb aio. Just get soleslayer. Way better and more reliable. Get the ultimate version. Do not waste your time with lower packages.


    It has been a week into the season, the success of Supreme bots seem to shuffle around every season. We are going to wait a couple weeks until we can give you a strong recommendation.


    Kickmoji. Our only mesh recommendation now.

    For the most part if we did not discuss a bot above, stay away from it. If you want more advice dm a mod.


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