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Footsites 101

Footsite releases are very straight forward. Soleslayer is the best footisite bot, a must have for people wanting to get into footsites. We have a slayer setup guide that should take you through just about everything.

Soleslayer Guide

Download link:

License Manager:

This bot is very simple. There's no captchas or anything just setup prior, and hit start. 3 sections of the bot will be explained in depth in this video along with advice for each step to create the best overall chance of success.

Creating profiles

Youtube Video:

In order to cop multiples off of footsites you need to of course, different addresses and billing information. Addresses can be jigged but if you do jig, make it believable. You cannot have one address saying “123 Main St” and another, “123 Main St Apt 31”. Be consistent. If it is supposedly an office or apartment, make it seem like an actual office or apartment. Also with jigging your address, don’t use apt. 1,2,3…… use random numbers like Apt. 412a or Suite 420c, make it believable! For different billing information you can of course use Privacy or other virtual card companies. HOWEVER, footsites tend to only cancel IF you SHIP to the same address. IT IS POSSIBLE TO USE ONE CARD FOR THE ENTIRE RELEASE TOMORROW (not recommended, but if you don’t have privacy it might actually work). Just make sure it is 1 ORDER PER ADDRESS. Though it is possible to get away with only using one card, I still recommend to use different address and billing information. ALSO, MAKE SURE BILLING MATCHES SHIPPING. Have as many cards as you can and create as many profiles as you can. Virtual cards like citi cards have issues on footsites, normal cards are best.

Setting Up Tasks

Youtube video:

Let's break this down. DO NOT RUN MORE THAN 600 TASKS (just don't) Over all the sites you are running for. If you are running for 2 sites, keep it to 300 tasks per site. If you have 30 billing profiles set up, create a random size for each profile and hit 10 tasks per profile. This means that 30 profiles and 10 tasks per profile will run 300 tasks. If you don't have 300 proxies, do not run 300 tasks. Simple math. If you have a dynamic ip you only need to put it in once, and you can run unlimited tasks, or as much as your data plan will let you. If you are using a set number of proxies and not an unlimited type proxy, you can use a proxy once for both sites it will be fine. So if you have 300 proxies, and want to run 600 tasks over two sites, you’ll be fine.

Running Tasks

Youtube video:

This isn't rocket science. Hit start and let it all run. DO NOT TURN OFF FOR A LONG TIME. LET IT RUN FOR HOURS.

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