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Art and Collectibles

Our Foundations

Every core feature that makes us who we are.

The Most Consistent SNKRS Info

Since our inception in October of 2017, we've provided early warnings and info for every single SNKRS Shock Drop and Shock Pass.

The Most Detailed Shopify Early Links and Info

We provide Early Links and Info for every single Shopify site on release day including: Kith (With Exact Per-Size Inventory), Undefeated, DTLR, Packer Shoes, Bodega, Concepts, Atmos USA, and hundreds of more sites.


We provide our members with the top of the line monitors from the best monitor providers, and we also have an in-house developer creating the fastest custom monitors on demand. If there's a site you want added, our in-house developer will code a monitor ASAP. Not only do we support sneaker websites, we also support retail sites such as BestBuy, Target, Walmart, for items like PlayStation 5's and Graphics Cards.

The Best Support

Our support staff is the best in the business. We were the first on the market to introduce 1 on 1 appointments. We have a support channel that's answered 24/7, and we also offer 1 on 1 appointments dedicated to you and a staff member to discuss your setup. Our staff will go as far as teamviewing you to ensure the best possible setup on your end.

Our Top Additions

Features we've added along the way.


ShoePlex offers a complete Trading Card section including a dedicated in-house moderator, custom monitors for Target, Walmart, Topps, Fanatics, Pokemon Center, etc! Our card pings are some of the best in the business. With cards alone you can make hundreds to thousands of dollars a week to add to all the income you're making off sneakers!


Our RandomSKUACO® is our revolutionary 24/7 Autocheckout which runs all profitable items on on all sites including Footsites, Shopify, and SNKRS/Nike Desktop. Entries are collected in the beginning of every month and run all day, every day. We've hit over 10,000+ items so far on our #RandomSKUACO. Netting millions of dollars in profit for our members.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

ShoePlex offers both a Slack and a Discord server which are both linked in real time. Messages that are sent in Slack can be read in Discord, and Vice versa. Members can interact with each other on the platform of their choice!

Art And Collectibles

When there aren't sneaker releases to profit on, we offer a channel with info for miscellaneous items ranging from different kinds of art, collectibles, to electronics, NFTs, and more highly profitable items!

All of our features.

ShoePlex is $60 per month, and every single one of our features is included within this $60 monthly charge. We do not charge extra for any of our features no matter what.

Early Links For Every Release
Release Guides For Every Release
Sitelists For Every Release
Full Trading Card Support and Info For Every Release
Arts and Collectibles Moderator For Profitable "Low Key" Releases

Our #RandomSKUACO
SNKRS Early Info
24/7 Support Channel
1 On 1 Appointments To Help You Setup
Weekly Supreme Guides So You Don't Have To Guess What To Cop

Shopify Monitors
Retail Monitors for Consoles and Graphics Cards (BestBuy, Target, Walmart, AMD, EVGA, Amazon, NewEgg, etc)
Trading Card Monitors (Pokemon Center, Fanatics, Target, Topps, Fansedge, Panini, and more)  
AIO Site Monitors (SNS, Hibbett,  Finishline, JD, Nike Desktop, Nike SNKRS, Footsites,  over 200+ Non-Shopify sites monitored)
Custom EBay View Booster Integration

WhatBot? Partnership
Project Destroyer Partnership
Noble AIO Partnership
PP Bot Partnership
Leaf Proxies Partnership
Hype Proxies Partnership
Midnight Proxies Partnership
Shoe Plex Membership (1 Month Recurring Charge)
Shoe Plex Membership (1 Month Recurring Charge)
Shoe Plex Membership (1 Month Recurring Charge)
For more information, please click the purchase subscription button.

Frequently Questions Asked

Will I be able to purchase every new release? 

It's very possible that with enough effort and investment coming from you, you will easily be able to secure every single release with ShoePlex's info and guidance. 

Will I be able to make money without a bot?

It's very possible for you to profit without a bot because we provide the absolute best info available on the market. This means you'll be miles ahead of everyone else that's botting, or going manual. To maximize our resources though, we do recommend investing in a bot. 

Will there be help once I join ShoePlex?

The second you join ShoePlex, you will be sent a guide on how to all of our features, as well as a beginner's guide to reselling. We also send over a guide that'll provide you relatively "easy" ways to make money using our information. Once you join our Discord or Slack server, you can message any one of our staff with any questions you may have. 

Does ShoePlex Autocheckout come at an extra cost?

Our #RandomSKUACO is completely free of charge, as well as every single other in-house feature we provide. 

How long is my commitment to ShoePlex?

With every purchase of a new subscription, you are subscribed for 1 month of ShoePlex. You will be automatically charged the following month on the same date you purchased your subscription. If you wanted to cancel for whatever reason, you can reach out to a member of our staff and cancel your subscription at any time. 

Is there a limit on how many shoes I can purchase?

The sky is the limit when it comes to scaling your reselling operation. There are ALWAYS investments to be made, and more ways to expand your reach in our market. From your setup, to sneaker investments, to going through multiple sales channels, sneaker reselling is one of the most scaleable operations in the industry.
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