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Nike 101

While Nike releases in 2018 have been some of the most dependable in terms of holding a quality resale value, Nike has surpassed all websites, becoming the most annoying and expensive to bot. There's basically 4 things you need to bank on Nike releases. Cards (a lot) Nike accounts (a lot) and a good bot. (Ghost, DNA, Kickmoji) Proxies as well. Cards recently have seemed to become almost the most important. Success ratios are being skewed by the number of cards you have. While you used to be able to get away with running 500 accounts on one card, Nike is quickly banning those accounts in the masses. Keep the ratio at 1 account per card or suffer the consequences. There are two types of nike accounts. US/ UK verified (expensive) and CN accounts (cheap) Us accounts should last longer, I’ve seen a higher success ratio, and less cancels. But it’s your decision if at the price point it becomes worth it. Once you have enough cards, have an account matched to each card, decent proxies (fog,skproxies, copped) and a decent bot (ghost, dna, kickmoji) you should be set for releases. Make sure to do a simple address jig on each of those cards to avoid/reduce cancels. Nike has been dropping a lot of heat with a lot of resell in each shoe, so I don't think people should be giving up on Nike, solely because of the potential profit.

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