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Proxy Recommendations



Data Center or Residential



Brazy Kicks

Data Center

These either last for a couple days which then its $1 each. Or you can get a monthly plan (sells out a lot) for around $3 per proxy

These seem to be the number 1 data center proxies. Some of the Fastest I personally have seen, and a lot of others recommend.



These are not on a pay per GB plan. They cost about $1 per

People really like them. They are usually reliable but have caused some problems on a couple releases. Still very good. Not great on Nike



Around $30-40 per GB per month. Buy either the 2gb or 5gb plan

Heard ups and downs to these. For Adidas I have seen some rough releases, but overall work well. Supreme speeds are crazy!! Good provider. Not good on Nike



About $12 per GB per month

Seems to be a roller coaster. Footsites they perform very well. Nike is a no. Sometimes problems on Adidas. The ideal site for these is footsites. If that isn't your main target, stay away for now. People find hard to use



$12 per gb per WEEK

Some of the nicest residential proxies I have seen along with other members recommendations. Hard to get but if you can go for it. The best Nike proxy provider. Seems like FOG did better on footistes for some reason.

Ace proxies

Data Center

$2 each per month

A lot of people like them. Seem to be a lot of favorite data center. I’d put them right below brazy, as a cheaper alternative

Iced Out Proxies

Data Center

Last half a release, like Brazy. $1 each

Last resort. They are the only provider you can order at the last minute if you are desperate. Other then that I don't really recommend.



$3 per proxy, lasts a month. Not a gb plan

Some like, not a bad option. Not the best or worst.

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