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Sean Wotherspoon Sitelist


Time Link Checkout Type
Nordstrom 3:01 AM
Nike 10:00 AM
Kith 10:00 AM Shopify
Bodega 10:00 AM Shopify
SNK 10:00 AM variants in #a-announcements Shopify
DSM US 11:00 AM Shopify
Blends 12:00 PM Password page up, cant access site Shopify
Social Status random Shopify
Fice random variants in #a-announcements Shopify
Undefeated random Shopify
Incu random/may not drop variants in #a-announcements Shopify

 *all times shown in EST

For all Shopify sites, use datacenter proxies and begin tasks 10 seconds before drop time. For Bodega and UNDFTD, you will need accounts. Most Shopify bots support account logins so you should be good to go. 1 account per task is required. For sites that we have #variants for, use those instead of KW because they will be way more accurate and will pickup faster.

Stock is low on each site compared to the amount of users botting them. Therefore speed and efficiency really matters. Use a server and EL/variants for fastest results. Also, make sure your proxies are sub 50ms for best chances. 

For Nike, we have done some research and have found quantity>quality. While UK/US accounts never get unverified, they are much more expensive so you are forced to enter less amounts of accounts. Therefore, moving forward, we recommend that you bulk buy Chinese nike accounts the day before a release and treat them as throw aways because they will most likely be unverified by the time the next release rolls around. Tomorrow is a DAN draw, meaning that you will have 30 minutes to enter all your accounts. Go with Ghost, DNA, KickMoji, or NikeCarter and make sure you use residential proxies.

Good Luck.



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