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SHOEPLEX Footsite App Account Generator Guide

SHOEPLEX Footsite App Launch Reservation Guide
By: btpsoles.NC


What stores are considered “Footsites”?

The Footsites include Footlocker, Footaction, Champs, and Eastbay

What is a Footsite App Launch Reservation?

The stores Footlocker, Champs, and Footaction no longer release hyped shoes with a “first come, first served” method. They use a “Launch Reservation” method inside their app. The launch reservation is basically a raffle, where the winners are able to pick up their pair(s) in a store close to them.

What is a “Platinum Account”?

A platinum account is an incentive for spending a certain total at each store (FTL- $300, FTA- $225, CHAMPS- $300). This incentive will give you a “head start”, which will make getting your pair easier.

What is a “Head Start”?

The winners of reservations are selected at 6 pm the day before a release. A head start means that your entry will be considered before the other entries, so you will have an advantage. You can have a maximum of 10 minutes head start. The steps to earn all 10 minutes head start are listed below.

  • 6 Minutes: By creating a rewards account with Footlocker, Footaction, or Champs, you are automatically given a 6 minute head start
  • 3 Minutes: By reaching the spending total at each respective store, you are given and additional 3 minute head start
  • 1 Minute: By “checking in” at any location of the app you are attempting to earn head starts for, you will be given an additional 1 minute head start. The trick is, you don’t actually have to go to the store. In #footsite_checkin , codes to check in will be posted. The codes will be posted in the following format.

Store name (Footlocker, Footaction, or Champs)

Zip code

Code to put in

To utilize these codes, use the following video (thanks @bias_kicks.NC)

Your can edit your entry and earn head starts until your countdown timer shows 24 hours remaining. Once the countdown timer has reached 24 hours remaining, you cannot edit your entry or earn head starts.

Once you have finalized your entry with (hopefully) a 10 minute head start, you wait. With a 10 minute head start, you will know the result for your entry at 5:50 pm, the day before a release. When your countdown timer has ended, one of the following messages will be displayed in your app

One More Step!

You won. Click confirm reservation, and type the 4 digit code to reserve your pair. Congratulations!


You didn’t lose, but you didn’t win yet. They have given someone else that chance to reserve their pair before you. If the person that won doesn’t follow the steps to confirm their reservation, you will be given the chance to reserve. This process may take up to 4 hours. Make sure you have notifications on for the app you’ve been waitlisted on, as you should receive a message if you’ve been promoted.

Next Time

You lost. Hopefully this won’t happen to any of you. If it does, you can go to any store that held reservations, and hope that they have left over pairs. These pairs are available for purchase to the public at 3 pm on release day.

The Account Generator

What is the account generator?

The account generator is a tool that takes your already created platinum Footsite account, and spreads the associated VIP number over up to 10 accounts. You can do this for each platinum account you own. The generator can be used for Footlocker, Footaction, and Champs.

How does the generator work?

To use the account generator, DM @Shoeplex AIO Bot ![FTL for Footlocker, FTA for Footaction, CHAMPS for Champs] [number of accounts you want, 10 max] [your VIP number]

EXAMPLE: !ftl 10 12345678910112

Occasionally, the generator will go down for maintenance. Usually, these periods of down time won’t last long. If you send a command to the bot (using the format stated above) and don’t receive a response, thats a good sign that the generator is down

To find your VIP number

If you’re in the app: Log into your account, VIP > MY VIP CARD > tap card to flip

If you’re on the website: Log into your account, [your name]’s ACCOUNT > ACCOUNT/VIP SUMMARY > Click here

The bot will take a while to create your accounts. DO NOT LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNTS UNTIL THE BOT SAYS “Account #_ successfully created”. Once the bot has sent the previous message, log into the account on mobile to make sure it worked.

Using your VIP accounts

Once you’ve received your generated accounts, you can use them in the same way you would a normal account. Log in, create reservations, enter check-in codes. By changing the information on the base account, info for all generated accounts will be changed as well. The employees will ask for an ID when you pick pairs up, so the information tied to the account should match your ID.



-You can enter a maximum of three stores per account. For each account you create a reservation with, only enter stores that you’re willing to drive to.

-Attempt to use your “platinum rewards” when you pick up your pairs. The worst they can tell you is that the code isn’t working. If the code works, you’re getting the shoe at up to $20 under retail.

-Make another non- platinum account and screenshot the VIP card. When you purchase pairs, have the employee scan the non- platinum account VIP card. This is a great way of building additional platinum account, which allow you to get additional pairs on the next release.

-Always ask if they have left over pairs. If they do, that's more profit for you, and more credit towards your next platinum account.

-Once you win one pair (can be on a main or generated account), it’s highly unlikely that you’ll win again with that VIP number on that release. You can still check the other accounts with that VIP number, but expect each account to lose. If you have additional base accounts (meaning they have a separate VIP number), check those first.

Feel free to DM any additional questions to @btpsoles.NC or ask in #footsites-apps

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