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Shoeplex Ghost Guide



This instructional guide will be broken up into several sections. I will cover importing accounts, setting up profiles, creating tasks, adding webhook, adding sms verification. There are a couple youtube videos I made that will be a visual aid to the process of each category. Do not just watch the videos, make sure to read the information.

Part 1: Importing accounts and proxies.


The video demonstrates a way to import your accounts that may have been sent as a csv, or some format that you are stuck viewing in excel formatting. The accounts when entered into Ghost must be email:password. This is kind of annoying and they are working on excel importing, until that time, you can use that to change the format of your accounts the fastest way and then putting straight into ghost.

There was a proxy description in the proxy editor of Ghost. It went into explanation as to how to import. The only confusion you may have is when importing proxies that are residential and you have to create with fog. Fog gives you several generation options as the formatting of your proxies. Make sure to make it ip:port:user:pass. Ip authenticated proxies should have an issue, just copy and paste them. Other proxies you may have that you don't think to fit that format, just test it. If you have any questions about the importation of accounts or proxies. Dm me! @yeezyseason (ADMIN) I’m always here to help. Dont dm me 2 minutes before the drop! It’s hard to help everyone all at once. If you are using skproxies where they just provide you one ip address, just put that one in and you can run all your tasks with it.

Part 2: Creating CC Profiles


This should be the most self explanatory part of setting up. If you are trying to jig your address make sure to add apt 1, 2, 3, etc. Change Drive to Dr, and Drve works. Things like that! You can not use US cards for non US regions, Nike won’t accept visa in the EU. If you want to cop in other regions, you need a reshipper, privacy cards, and proxies in that region. TO EDIT PROFILES GO TO SETTINGS.

Part 3: Creating Tasks


Always. Always. Make sure you have one proxy per task. And do not create more tasks than you have accounts. You can ignore the task and account specific checkboxes when creating tasks, it isn't necessary. If you have 300 accounts, make 300 tasks, and have 300 proxies. For Ghost, it doesn’t matter when you start tasks, it will hold all from running until release time. I went to bed at 3am est once with a drop at 10am est (Bred Toes) worried I would sleep through, so I started my tasks before I went to bed. I got a couple pair. RANDOM sizing is an option, it will pull a random size in stock. Now, if you have 100 accounts, and 10 billings, create 10 tasks per billing. Make sure to distribute it evenly. Other than that, just understand a lot of errors come from many things that can mess this up. Sometimes proxies are the issue, sometimes accounts, and sometimes it’s the bot! Nike has a lot coming up so one failed release isn’t the worst thing in the world. It can save you from more mess ups in the future.

Part 4: Adding Webhook


This isn’t necessary, honestly not a big deal at all. It is convenient though. Just be sure to add /slack to the end of the webhook link. Without it, it won’t work

Part 4: Adding SMS Reverification

I didn’t add a Youtube video. This feature is for if you need to reverify accounts, it can reverify automatically. You need to set up an account at and add some funds to it. Not more then $10, I don’t even think you will use $5. Copy the email you used into settings, and the api key provided on getsmscode’s website. It should do the rest. Never used this feature so can’t say much about it.

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