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Supreme 101

The general Supreme info.

  • Drops are Thursday’s at 11 am eset
  • Droplists are posted by supcommunity prior (check IG)
  • Guides as to what to go for will be posted by a mod

Supreme has been showing many inconsistencies from week to week. The bots that cook change up, and supreme throws automation errors a lot for the most hyped item per week. While some weeks we see sellout times sub 15 seconds, those are items you most likely can’t go manual for. While you can try, bots will eat up all those items most of the time. Each week however I have seen a lot of manual checkout, as Supreme is constantly fighting bots. If you go the bot route, Astro is our favorite bot. Cyber has also been cooking. You should use datacenter (fast) proxies, but sometimes residential proxies are just fine. Make sure to mess with address (1234 mill street Apt U125, U204, etc) You can not check out multiple orders with one card, so make sure to have multiple cards. Supreme banned privacy, so don’t risk running privacy cards. Also if you are running bots, try to find an old 2006-2007 gmail somewhere. They often bypass captcha or just give you one clicks. In terms of selling Supreme, ebay will sometimes end up getting you the best price as a seller, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassle, just sell on Stockx. For the love of anything, please stop hitting sell now, it's crashing the resale market. Keep it safe on supreme, adjust what you do each week if some things aren't working. If you are going manual, fillr usually works on phone and helps you checkout pretty fast.

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