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Ycopp Guide

Ycopp Guide

This guide is going to be compiled of short videos acting as visual aids to a written description explaining the setup for the individual component. Let’s begin.

Adding Adidas Accounts


This is not a necessary video, just shows where to navigate to import accounts. The accounts should be in email:pass format on a .txt file. Logging into adidas accounts will allow you to log into the account on your phone and view the cart on there.

Carting a Shoe With Captcha:


If this is a regular product mode release, create a lot of these tasks. You need to add a different proxy to each task for product releases; there is no simple mass import. Check needs captcha, auto checkout if you prefer and select your profile. If it’s a product mode release set the timer for the exact time it drops. You can harvest captchas up to two minutes prior to a release before the response becomes invalid.

If this is a waiting room release you only need to make 1 task per size. Once you pass splash apply hmac and run these tasks, once again, make sure you have captchas harvested. Trying to cart a full size run takes a dozen captchas. Once they run through, if you don't cart, solve more captchas and try again. The other option is to check the box that says auto retry if product is out of stock (bottom left). This will try to keep carting, swallowing captchas very fast. If you have a full size run of tasks often times it may not be able to try to cart the larger sizes because the tasks at the beginning of the order you created them will take priority. There will never be 10+ captchas in your account if you set auto retry on towards the end of the release. It won’t make it past attempting to cart the first couple of tasks. That sounds confusing, but you will see what I mean.

Checkout Options Within Ycopp


This shows your different options you have within the bot that can take you straight to checkout or whatever you want to do. Selling carts and opening in browser is the next video.

Selling on Ycarts and Opening Cart in Browser.


This is not just for product mode, ignore the title of the video. You should follow the steps exactly the way they were shown in the video to open the cart in chrome to avoid loops.

Auto Checkout on Ycopp


I usually do not use auto checkout, for they almost always loop, but it may sometimes for for some. Very easy to setup; Just create a profile and once you cart select the profile you want to autocheckout with. If you know before you start task what profile you want to checkout with, you can set that up when creating the tasks.

Creating splash tasks.


Ycopp is very unstable at times. Local tasks (proxyless tasks) seem to work best and you can keep adding more until you push your limit. If ycopp crashes it’s not hard to re setup tasks into the brute forcer. You can still run proxy tasks in here no problem!

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