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Yeezy Supply Tips


Yeezy Supply is where our group tends to perform the best on. There's 3 componentes to Yeezy Supply that I will go into detail.

  1. Checkout links as well as how to utilize the info we get during drop
  2. Going manual and providing your checkout links to group
  3. Bot tips

  1. Checkout links!

Turn #a-checkoutlinks notifications on. Prior to drop, set up chrome autofill profiles. For each profile, have a different name, email, phone number, slight address alteration (Drive to Dr, Street to St, add APT 1 or APT 2 etc) and different card numbers. EVERYTHING MUST BE DIFFERENT. Even when everything is changed, Yeezy Supply still cancels randomly!! They won’t cancel all your orders, they let you keep one :)

  1. Going Manual

One of the benefits of having so many members in our group is when we are all waiting in a queue, some will get through. IF YOU ARE ONE TO GET THROUGH: Copy the link where you are supposed to enter your info, not the link after you checkout, that will share your order confirmation. Link should look like: (DONT CHECK THAT OUT THATS A RANDOM YS PRODUCT) Post the link ASAP with SIZE to #a-checkoutlinks I believe the owners are incentivising those who provide links but not sure. EVERYONE SHOULD BE TRYING MANUALLY UNTIL WE GET ALL SIZES.

  1. Bot tips.

Make sure all your checkout profiles vary in everything, just like how explained in step one. Limit your tasks, sub 15 for dashe and task. Those are the two bots that will do best. USE PROXIES!! All your tasks will get hit with the queue, those ones you just have to wait out. Dont ignore your bot and just go all manual. If a captcha pops up on your bot solve it! It will checkout. Just because your tasks are in queue does not mean you are taking an L.

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