Shoe Plex Membership (1 Month Recurring Charge)

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We will e-mail you an Invitation to ShoePlex using the e-mail you purchased with.


1 Month Membership for ShoePlex will give you access to:

- Unlimited Backdoors of Every Single Upcoming Release. Yeezy / Off-White / Nike / Consortium / Jordan

- Supreme US & UK Restock Monitors

- Shopify Restock Monitor

- Adidas UK/US/CA Restock Monitors

- Nike-Events Restock Mointor

- YeezySupply / Doverstreet Market Password Monitor

- E-Flash NY / LDN Drop and Restock Monitor

- Free Unlimited Nike Draw Entries. Provide Us With Your Accounts and We'll Enter Them For Free. 

- HQ Trivia Bot Channels & Features

- Footsite Check-in Code Scraper

- Discounted SoleSolution Slots 

- Free Supreme Slots From SoleSolution

- Nike Account Groupbuys

- Bot Groupbuys

- Funko Restock Monitor

- Funko Reselling Advice

- Legit-Check Channel

- Early Links & Variants

- Heavily Discounted Proxies

- Sitelists 

- Footsite App Account Duplicator

- Early Links & Variants

- General Resell Advice

- StockX Integrations

- Universal Bot Checkout Profile Importer From Excel


Leaking any of ShoePlex content will result in an immediate ban with no refund.


*This is an electronic product meaning, once fulfilled, there are no cancellations, returns, or refunds.

Harassing others, trolling, or doing something against chat rules will also result in a ban with no refund*